Which are the best office chairs for an office?

JAMESVILLE, Tennessee (AP) Jamesville’s office furniture and office supplies department is selling about 1,600 chairs.

They’re priced at about $6,000 apiece.

That’s a big jump from last year when they cost about $3,000 each.

A few of the chairs are now up for auction on the Internet and in stores.

Some of them have been out for years.

The chair sold for $1,900 at a Dallas flea market in January.

The chair from Jamesville, Texas, that was featured in a promotional video by the firm, Jamesville and Associates, is valued at about half of the price.

The chair in Jamesville is listed for $3.95 at eBay.

Jamesville and others are selling office furniture online to raise money for charity.

A Jamesville woman said her husband recently found a chair at a flea markets for $2,700.

The man said he paid $600 to have it shipped to him.

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