SAS: We will make a bigger contribution to government procurement in 2019

SAS is set to make a $4.5 billion contribution to the government procurement process by 2020.

The company’s announcement came on the heels of a strong year for the government.

The government’s fiscal year ended Sept. 30, with the government spending $1.6 billion on new contracts and spending $4 billion on procurement.

In total, the government spent $11.4 billion last year.

The number of government contracts increased by 6.3 percent to $6.1 billion, while the number of contracts awarded increased by 2.3 to 1,979.

SAS expects the increase to continue.

“Our government is committed to helping the people of Scotland and all our neighbors by providing the best and most innovative procurement options, and the SAS team is determined to be at the forefront of delivering those services to our customers,” SAS CEO Jim Laidlaw said in a statement.

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