How to get a better price for office furniture

An office furniture company is giving you a better deal on office furniture.

In an email to customers, the company, The Quill, says that, while prices have gone up over the last year, the price of its office furniture has gone up by 50% and is now $0.99 per square foot.

The Quilted office furniture is available for purchase through its website and the company also offers a variety of other items.

The Quill also has a special offer that lets you save up to 30% off the price by visiting the site once a month for a full month.

You can save up $5.99 off the normal price of the office furniture and get a discount of up to $10 on any single item of furniture.

The company is offering the special offer at a discount to anyone who purchases a Quilbed office furniture item at least once a week for a month. 

You can find the Quil bed in the US for $15.99, the Quill sofa for $19.99 and the Quilt chair for $29.99. 

Quilbed is an online retailer based in Canada, with over 30 stores in the United States, and in Europe. 

To check out more products, visit the Quilic Facebook page.

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