How to Save $500,000 a Year on Your Home in 2018

The new $500k per year budget for a new home includes everything from a $1,000-per-month studio to a $25,000 vacation rental, the New York Times reported.

The Times said the budget comes in at $2.8 million a year for a house and a $2 million for a condo.

The new budget includes a $500 monthly mortgage payment, a $100 annual gym membership, and a free gym membership for children.

And it includes an $11,000 gym membership in 2018 for the family of four, which includes two children ages 6 and 12, the Times said.

New York City and Los Angeles are also in the top five cities for the average cost of a new house, with San Francisco at $1.4 million, Los Angeles at $3.4 and San Diego at $4.5 million, the newspaper said.

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