What to know about the coronavirus pandemic

Honolulu, Hawaii — A recent outbreak of coronaviruses has left thousands of tourists and locals feeling unwell, with some even dying, in the state capital.

The state’s Department of Health reports more than 50 coronavirois have been detected in Honolulu and its surrounding areas since the beginning of this month.

Health officials said Wednesday that at least six coronaviral cases have been reported to date.

The coronavillosis outbreak has caused at least two fatalities and prompted more than $10 million in emergency supplies to be brought to Honolulu from elsewhere.

Health department spokesman Tom Foy said Wednesday a total of more than 70,000 tons of food and other supplies has been delivered to the city since Oct. 8.

He said the city has already seen more than 6,000 cases.

Foy said the coronivirus outbreak was “very difficult to manage and we’re working with our partners to get this situation under control.”

The state Department of Public Health reports that Honolulu has had five coronavide cases and the city’s death toll stands at 438, according to data from the Honolulu Public Health Department.

There are at least 13,000 people currently under observation for coronavire in the Honolulu area, according, including 10 people who are currently hospitalized.

Foy did not say how many cases there are in Honolulu.

Hawaii Governor David Ige declared a state of emergency on Oct. 6, and Gov.

Neil Abercrombie announced on Wednesday that a coronaviolosis outbreak will be investigated by the state’s public health department.

It is not known how long the coronovirus pandemics will last.

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