PTA’s ‘wet-behind-the-ears’ practice sparks controversy

The Pittsburgh PTA has suspended a program that encouraged parents to put wet-behind the ears baby blankets into a child’s stroller or stroller carrier, and sent letters to parents reminding them that their children were “not permitted to wear diapers, strollers, or strollers on the grounds of the school.”

“These types of policies have no place in the modern day,” PTA President Matt Harkness told The Huffington Post in an email.

“Children should not have to endure these types of interactions.

We know they are unnecessary and harmful to our students.

We hope that all parents will respect this decision and learn from it.

We are disappointed in the PTA and will continue to monitor this situation to ensure that it is not repeated.”

According to the letter, which was obtained by HuffPost, the policy was implemented in response to a letter from the school district to the PTC that asked parents to refrain from wearing diapers, putting strollers or strolling with strollers in the school grounds, or leaving their strollers outside of the building for more than 15 minutes.

“As you may be aware, this was a new policy that was implemented for the first time at the school in early May,” the letter reads.

“While the PTO has been monitoring this issue, there has been no change in the behavior of students who have been subject to these policies.

We have been in regular contact with the parents and are waiting for feedback on this issue before we make any changes.”

The letter says parents were also told that the PTL “is not authorized to share this information with other schools in the district or other parents in the community.”

The PTA sent the letter on Monday, a day after parents in a PTA community meeting were informed that the school’s policy had been changed.

At the meeting, some parents voiced concerns that they had been put at a disadvantage, according to a statement by the PTP.

The PTP’s statement did not provide any information on what the school had done to change the policy. 

Harkness said that he was “disappointed” with the PTS for its decision.

He said he had “great respect” for the school and its staff, but that he “did not believe the PTF should be subject to public pressure.”

I believe parents should be consulted before changing policies.””

It was made by a school administrator and the decision was made on the PTVA letter, not by me.

I believe parents should be consulted before changing policies.”

The Pittsburgh PTO said in a statement that it had no comment on the letter. 

“We are very disappointed with the policy change that was made to the school,” the PTE said.

According the letter from The PTA, the school “reiterated its support for the PTT, and it is the PTDs responsibility to ensure compliance with all PTL policies.”

Harknesses told HuffPost that he did not want to speculate on why the PPT made the change, but said he would work with the school to make sure it does not happen again.

“I don’t know that we will see it again,” he said.

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