How to Make an Office Chair in 3 Easy Steps

Make an office chair with your legs!

I know you love making furniture, but sometimes it can be tricky.

I’ve found a lot of my best furniture has been made from scraps.

The trick to making a chair out of a discarded item is simple.

It’s about making the right shapes, proportions, and colors.

Here’s how to do it: 1.

Lay out the pieces you want to use in your office chair.

For this chair, I used a white, white, blue, and pink piece of fabric, which I used to cut out the lines of the legs.

I used about a half-inch of fabric for each leg, and then sewed it onto the fabric pieces.


Using a sharp scissors, cut the piece of paper into 3 triangles.

Each triangle has a hole in the middle, so that you can lay the pieces of paper flat and then fold the pieces in half to make the chair.


Cut a hole on the inside of the triangle to allow the paper to go through.


Fold the top and bottom pieces in the direction you want the chair to be built.


Fold one end of the paper into the hole, then fold it down over the other side.


Fold in the opposite direction so that the paper is on top of the chair, then roll it up in a circle.


Fold this to form a triangle.

Make sure that the bottom triangle has the hole on it, so you can roll the paper out to the other end of each triangle.


Fold both sides of the triangles together, forming a triangle with the hole.

You can then fold in the remaining triangle.

You’re done!

You can also cut out triangles with a straight razor and a file to create even triangles.

I also used a pencil to create the lines on the chair and a ruler to make sure the legs weren’t too thin.

You’ll want to cut some pieces out of the pieces that you need to make your chairs, too.

Here’s what you’ll need to create your office chairs:1.

A table or tablecloth.

I found that a tablecloth is much easier to work with when you cut out 3 triangles, rather than 4 or 5.2.

A pencil to draw lines on paper.

I just used a piece of wood and a piece that I could cut out of scraps.

You could also use a piece on the outside of the couch or the outside wall, but I found a piece was easier.3.

A ruler.

I use a ruler that’s a little bit larger than a quarter.

You will need to use a smaller ruler than the one I used, because the smaller one will make the chairs slightly slimmer.

I like the ruler on the bottom of the ruler so that it can measure my measurements.4.

A pair of scissors.

A long, thin one is best.

If you use a straight blade, you’ll want a sharp blade that will cut the scraps from the paper.

If using a curved blade, I recommend a longer one, as the cut will be a little less severe.5.

A piece of scrap paper.

You don’t need to be fancy with this piece, but it’s good for making the lines.6.


You need to tape the edges of the chairs to the tablecloth or tablecloths so that they stay put.

It might be helpful to tape a few strips of white paper with white glue to hold the chairs together.7.

A few pieces of wire.

If the chairs are made of wire, you will want to tape some to the legs and to the inside wall of the office.

You might also want to make a few lengths of wire so that if the chairs come apart in a storm, you can keep them in the office, and you can also use the wires to hang up a chair from the ceiling.8.

A small amount of glue.

I had a piece I could glue to the bottom and top of a piece in the corner of my office, which makes the chairs easy to assemble.9.

A little extra tape.

Tape the pieces so that when the chairs hang up, they don’t fall over.10.

A couple of pencils.

I prefer to use my black pencil for my office chairs, but you could use a white pencil for the floor or ceiling chairs.

I also like to use white and black pencils for the tables and chairs, and sometimes I’ll use a dark color pencil for decorating the table cloth.

How to Make Your Office Chair Out of a Discarded ItemYou should be able to find leftover scraps from a kitchen or kitchen table.

If your scraps are really big, like the size of a quarter or a half, you might want to buy scrap pieces from your local craft store.

If these scraps aren’t big enough to make chairs, you could cut the pieces into smaller pieces and then use the scraps to make smaller chairs.

You want to be sure

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