Two new luxury hotels built by Tata Group will help expand the Indian luxury market

The Tata Group has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with a Chinese company to build a new luxury hotel in a Chinese city in a deal that will help the company expand its portfolio of luxury hotels.

The two luxury hotels, to be built in the Chinese city of Wuhan, are expected to have a capacity of 5,000 guests, said the Mumbai-based company, which is working on the project with Shanghai JinkoSatellite Technology Co. Ltd.

and a consortium of Chinese companies.

The new hotel will have a total capacity of 25,000 rooms.

Tata has already built luxury hotels in Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The company has also built luxury properties in London, Hong Kong and Dubai.

The hotel in Wuhang, where the two hotels are being built, will be the second of its kind to be constructed in China.

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