How to sell the perfect house

The market is saturated with great, classic houses.

What would you buy?

The best and most affordable house for sale in Sydney is the one that’s been a staple of Sydney’s homescape for decades.

It’s a small house that sits in a quiet, urban corner of Sydney, tucked away in the heart of Sydney Harbour.

The house is on the market for $2.1 million.

But the sale is going to be a bit of a rollercoaster.

We know that a number of properties in Sydney have sold over the years.

Some of them are worth tens of thousands of dollars, but this is going be a unique and special deal.

We know it’s going to fetch a lot of interest, and we know that we’ll have a very large number of interested buyers.

And we have some of the best local builders in the city to sell to.

The seller is selling the house for $4 million, which is a lot more than most Sydney houses are worth, and the seller says it’s a classic house.

It’s a white house, but it has a white roof.

It has a classic, traditional wood paneling.

And it’s on the edge of the city, at the very end of the harbour, which has a nice, secluded beach front.

And that’s why we’re looking for a house that we’re really excited about, that we think is a little bit of an anomaly.

So what are you going to do with it?

You’re going to put it up for sale.

You’re going buy it for yourself.

It may be something you’re going, “I don’t want to be able to see it”, or you may not even want to see the house.

You’re really interested in how it looks and you’re really passionate about the house, so you’re looking to see how it performs and how well it’s maintained.

So you’re interested in that aspect.

And you’re definitely going to go on a bit more of a tour than you’re normally going to, and you want to take a look around.

And you’re obviously going to buy the house and then you’re also going to leave and visit it.

And the seller will probably go on holiday to Europe, and he’ll be taking the house on holiday with him, and that will be a lot different to where you would normally go.

So you want the house to have a great story.

You want it to be the perfect mix of history and contemporary design.

You want it, for example, to have the original, red-brick front, and then the current kitchen.

You might want to have it to have two bathrooms, one of which has been renovated.

You may want to go back to a different area of the house that was a little less traditional, and be able see some of these things, like the original stone fireplace and the original brick wall.

So those things are really important to us.

But it’s also going be about how the house is managed, how it is being managed, and how the space is being used.

And that is where we are going to focus on the most.

How is it being managed?

The house has three levels.

The first level is called the main floor.

And here you’re just going to have to get through the kitchen and get to the dining room and the living room.

And then we’re going downstairs and then we go to the living rooms, the dining rooms, and finally the bedrooms.

The bedroom has a large window, which you can actually see out into the backyard.

And the kitchen has a full-sized sink.

And what you’ll see is the same, but we’re actually going to take it up to the basement, which was originally part of the original house, and to the back, which were the basement bedrooms.

So here you’ll have two bedrooms, two bathrooms.

And then on to the second level you have this main living room, which can be expanded to four bedrooms.

And on to what we’re calling the attic.

And here you have a nice fireplace, which also has a beautiful fireplace.

And this is the attic, which the house originally came from.

So we have the whole of this back, so we’re not going to use it for storage.

And this is actually where you’re supposed to put all of your furniture.

And what we do is we actually put all the furniture and then, just like a traditional house, we’re gonna go upstairs to the garage and then put all our furniture, and all the cabinets and all our shelves and all of the appliances, into the garage.

And so you’ll be able access this garage from the main living rooms.

And all the windows are going up.

You have the backyard, you have the dining area, you also have the attic area.

And so the garage can be accessed from the living area, so that can also be expanded

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