How do you fix a broken desk?

Repairing a broken office chair or desk can take a bit of time and effort, but it’s worth the investment.

“If you get it fixed right, it’s going to be more comfortable and it’s less likely to fall off,” said Laura Storch, a personal injury lawyer with Kelli and Storches.

“So it’s a win-win for both parties.”

Here’s how to fix a chair or a desk.


Clean and re-position the chair or table.

If the chair is too high, remove the handle and place it in a chair-to-desk box.

If it’s too low, place it under a chair and position it on the table.

It’s important to be able to walk around the chair and place your hands on the seat.

“I would definitely suggest doing it with a desk on the floor, if possible,” Storche said.


Use a pair of pliers.

A pair of tweezers will help get the chair back to its proper position.


Install a new chair.

Use the supplied chair-top and footrest to re-align the chair.

Make sure it’s in the correct position.

“You can use a little bit of force and pull on the legrest, and it will lift it out of the chair,” said Storchy.


Adjust the chair height.

Adjusting the height of the desk will help keep it from moving when you sit on it. 5.

Replace the carpet.

If you’ve got carpet, try re-purposing it to a new shape and using it as a base for a new desk.


Paint the desk.

If your chair is old, use a new color to cover the surface.

“Some people do it with paint, but you can’t really do that on an old chair,” Storbos said.

“That’s the beauty of the spray-on paint, it doesn’t require a lot of skill.”


Remove the screws and replace the handle.

Storcha said to keep the screws in place, place them on the end of a pair, then tighten them down.

“The first time you use the chair, you’re going to need to remove it, so be very careful,” she said.


Paint and decorate the desk with some paint.

If there are any paint chips or stains, try a new coat of stain-resistant paint, said Storbys.

“A lot of people are just painting the desk black, and that’s really not a great idea.”


Clean out the old office chair and desk.

This step can be done quickly and easily.

Grab your chair and attach the back of it to the chair-bottom, then remove the handles and the footrest.

Then, place the chair in a clean and dry area and remove the old paint from the desk and chair.

You can also just paint the desk white, but that will not remove the stain and will likely get more paint on it than the new paint.


Replace all the old components.

Storbies recommends removing all the components on the old desk, including the desk top, footrest, chair base, and all the screws, but there’s no need to completely remove it.

“They’re all going to fall away, so there’s nothing you can do about it,” Storcch said.

And, again, just like the old chair, any old components that come with it should be completely removed.

“There’s a very small chance that you’re not going to lose anything,” she added.


Replace and reupholster the desk furniture.

Depending on the type of desk you have, this process can be as simple as installing a new carpet, replacing the chair base and foot rests, or replacing the desk chair with a new one.

If all the items are on the same side, replace the legs and base to make the desk stand up better.

“In this case, the new chair is the one that’s going in and it has the legs on it, and you’re taking it off, so that means you’re also taking it apart,” Storphes said.

She recommends using a chair leg to remove the legs, then replace the foot rest to make sure the chair sits properly.


Paint a new look.

If things are looking a little out of place, it can be easy to lose the old look.

“Take a good, old chair and put it on a new, old desk,” Storfos said, pointing to a chair that looks like it’s from the 1970s.

“And that’s the best way to go.”

She also suggested putting the new desk up on a wall and painting it a nice shade of blue or yellow.

“But if you don’t want that, then maybe paint it red, but then make it a little brighter and a little darker,”

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