Which companies are paying a lot for their office space?

Posted August 06, 2018 07:08:51Companies that have been selling office space in Houston are paying more than others for it, according to the latest data from the Houston Business Council.

Costco Office, which owns a downtown location in the building, pays more than Walgreens, Best Buy and Home Depot for its space, according the data from data firm Glassdoor.

Costcos, which have also been buying office space, have been paying about 30 percent more than the average of the other four retailers.

In addition, Costco is paying more per square foot than the median for all four retail giants.

The average price per square meter of retail space in the Houston market is about $1,300, according Glassdoor data.

The average cost per square mile is about 3.4 percent higher than the nationwide average, Glassdoor said.

Costos office space is on average about 8 percent more expensive than the national average.

The company has a number of large stores in Houston, including its flagship stores at the Texas Medical Center and the Texas Convention Center, which is the headquarters of the Houston Rockets.

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