How to repair the bridge that’s been leaking for years

When it rains, it pours.

That’s the story of the old bridge that was once part of one of Houston’s biggest businesses.

When a flood forced a shutdown, a new one opened, but the old one remains in disrepair.

Now, it’s about to get a new look.

The Houston Astros announced Tuesday that they’re making the $4 million renovation of the bridge’s new water-damaged, corroded steel deck.

The old deck is part of a building owned by the Astros, and it was a major part of the team’s name.

A new deck is scheduled to be finished in about six months.

According to a Houston Chronicle report, the team decided to get the bridge back up to scratch when the flood happened.

The new deck will have a “watertight seal,” and it will be water-tight to the ground, so it won’t leak when a flood occurs.

It will also be watertight to cars.

The team is also building a new watertight deck, and the new deck won’t need to be installed until 2020.

As for the old deck, the new one will have the same structure, but it will have been built using materials from other sources.

The original design was based on a single-decked bridge that sits on the western end of the Houston Ship Channel.

It was built in 1882, and was replaced in 1912 by a new bridge, which opened the channel and opened up the bayous.

The new bridge is about the same size, and a similar design, but unlike the old design, the entire bridge is watertight.

It’ll have a watertight seal in place for years to come, and once that happens, it’ll be water tight to the earth.

The cost of the new bridge will be $4.5 million.

The old bridge, on the other hand, has been in a lot of disrepair for years.

According to the Houston Chronicle, it took nearly two decades to repair it, and only when a contractor had the money to do so, could it be done.

It had to be replaced with a new deck, so the old structure could be used again.

The project was supposed to take about 18 months.

It took about 18 years to repair a $4M bridge in Houston.

But now, a bridge that has been so long in disuse is going to get an overhaul.

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