The ‘Office of the President’ will now have a new name: The ‘National Archives and Records Administration’

The National Archives and records administration (NARA) is transitioning to a new identity and is being renamed the “National Archives, Records Administration.”

This new identity is meant to align with the NARA’s mission and will focus on the national security and historical context of the agency, the agency’s website states.

The name change comes in response to concerns from some members of Congress about the name of the NARAs headquarters.

“We need to ensure that the agency is properly focused on its mission and our work, and that we provide a cohesive, unified and inclusive experience to our members and the public,” an NARA spokesperson said in a statement.

“The National Archives, in particular, needs to take the opportunity to take a new direction and identity that is inclusive of all people who work in the agency.”

A new NARA logo is being released, and it will include a quote from former President Jimmy Carter, as well as a new motto, “To preserve our heritage.”

This image was also shared on the NRA’s Facebook page on Friday.

The NARA, which was created in 1917, is the oldest federal agency in the United States and was originally headed by President Woodrow Wilson.

The move is expected to cost NARA approximately $3.2 billion.

The transition is being undertaken in partnership with the Office of Management and Budget and the Office to manage Government Operations.

The NARA said it expects to start the transition in 2019, with a formal announcement expected in 2020.

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