How to turn a chair into a desk

As you might expect, the office furniture industry is a very expensive one.

The average office chair costs around Rs 3,200 (in 2017 prices) and the average desk cost around Rs 5,000 (in 2016 prices).

And the average office desk cost between Rs 5 and Rs 10,000.

Here’s how you can turn a desk into an office chair.


Put a desk down for a week.

In India, the average number of days that an office furniture piece is kept for is only three.

So if you have a chair, put it down for two weeks.


Buy a new chair.

Buy new office chairs at a shop or online.

You’ll find them on sale in online outlets.

The cheaper the chair, the better the deal.

The better the chair is, the more the furniture will be worth.


Put the chair down for more time.

If you have more than three days left to use your chair, it’s better to put it to rest.

Make sure you take the time to read up on how to get the most out of your chair.


Reassemble the chair.

You can do this by putting it back together or by reassembling the chair into the shape that it used to be.

This will help you avoid falling over and also prevent damage to the chair if it falls.


Go to the store.

You should buy a new office chair at a store that sells office furniture.

It’s best to go to a store and get a new desk for around Rs 2,000, which is what I did.

But you can buy a desk from an online shop as well.

This desk is a little different from the ones you get at the office.

For instance, it doesn’t have a desk arm on it.

Instead, it has a shelf arm on the bottom of the chair to store other office furniture pieces.


Keep a log of your office chair and desk.

Log your office chairs and desk every day and keep a log on the office office furniture website to track the number of pieces that you have bought and to help you identify the chairs that are getting damaged.


Get rid of old chairs.

It can be difficult to remove a chair that has been sitting on a desk for so long.

It might help to buy a piece of office furniture that is more suitable for your needs and then put it in a drawer, where you can clean it up if you want.


Reorder the chairs in your office.

If a chair is sitting on an office desk that you bought from a shop, put that chair back on its original spot.

If it was an office piece that was sitting on the desk, replace it with a new piece.

You will need to take care of your chairs in this way.


Buy some furniture online.

The office furniture shop I visited in Chennai had a lot of office chairs for around $200.

So I got some of them and bought a desk and chair.

I put it up in a closet for around 30 days.

I had a new laptop in the office so it was time to replace my old desk chair.

It was so difficult to replace that old chair that I put the chair back down to keep it from getting damaged again.

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