How to get a nice office chair and desk furniture for $500 in Canada

Canada’s federal government has decided to set up an online marketplace to help Canadians buy furniture online.

In the run-up to a national election, the government has been struggling to find furniture and other items to store in its stores, as well as finding new furniture for its fleet of vehicles.

“We’ve had some big challenges with inventory, with inventory management, with our logistics system,” said the prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

“And now, I think, with the election coming up, it’s about time we did something about that.”

The Prime Minister’s Office announced Tuesday that it will provide a new website for Canadians to buy office furniture and office desk furniture at low prices.

The Prime Minister is also promising that the new site will provide Canadians with more options for furniture purchases than are currently available through their local department stores.

The Prime Minster’s Office says it plans to sell furniture in four categories: office furniture (up to $1,000), furniture with a shelf life (up $500), furniture without a shelf (up only $500) and furniture for use in homes.

“This will provide more choices for Canadians as they choose what they want to buy and the type of home they want,” said a release.

“With this new site, Canadians will have a great way to choose the perfect office chair for their home or office, and the Prime Minister will have more options to help make it happen.”

A prime minister’s office spokesperson told The Globe and Mail the website will be up and running by October 9.

“The Prime Ministers Office is very pleased to be able to support our Canadian citizens with the purchase of furniture online in this manner,” said Michael DeLong, the PMO’s director of communications.

“The Prime ministers office is committed to providing the best service to our Canadian people, and we will continue to support the Prime Ministers office in this endeavour.”

The PMO will also offer online sales of new office furniture at discounted prices.

In an email to CBC News, a spokesperson for the prime ministers office said the PMOs office will continue selling office furniture from its fleet at the current prices through the website.

In an interview on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning, Trudeau said he is looking forward to using the online platform to help Canadian citizens purchase furniture.

“I think it’s going to be a great opportunity for Canadians, in terms of having a variety of choices in their living spaces, and a variety in their offices,” he said.

“Because the prime Minister said, ‘You can have your chair, but you can’t have your desk, and you can have all these different kinds of chairs,’ and I think that’s great for Canadians.”

The prime minister is looking to use the website as an opportunity to boost sales of the Prime Moms Prime Products line of office chairs and desks.

In recent months, Prime Minister Trudeau has been working to boost the PrimeMoms brand.

The prime ministers newest initiative is the Prime and Prime Maternity products line, which includes maternity clothing, maternity toys and toys for the home.

Prime and prime products are currently sold at the Prime Foods store on Parliament Hill.

In December, the prime minster announced that PrimeMums Prime Products would become available to purchase online at

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