How to get rid of the office furniture in your home

Reopening an office space can be a challenge.

So, how do you get rid or get rid off office furniture?

Here are 10 easy tricks to get your workspace in better shape.


Remove office furniture before you remove your own house 2.

Start with the couch and desk 3.

Use a sofa and armchair instead of a chair 4.

Move furniture into a room that is larger than your office space to avoid clutter 5.

Use reclaimed materials to add interest to your workspace 6.

Reuse furniture that you have previously bought, rather than buying it from a local furniture store 7.

Use furniture you already have in your house instead of having to replace the furniture 8.

Clean your office workspace regularly, and get rid every few months 9.

Keep a photo of your office furniture on your office wall 10.

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